Acceleration by Graham McNamee

Duncan has been forced by his dad to work in the Lost and Found department of the Toronto underground subway. Could it be more boring? Only his friend’s job at the Burger Barn sounds worse! But when he finds a journal written by what sounds like a serial killer in training, he can’t help but try to stop him. At first he tries to turn the book into the police, but they basically laugh at him, telling him the whole diary is part of some nut case’s imagination.

But Duncan can’t let it go. With his two best friends, he works on tracking down the killer before he is actually able to carry out his chilling plan. All I can say is that before the book is over, we get to see the killer’s torture chamber before he takes chasing Duncan, determined to make him his first victim.

This is one of the best books I’ve read recently! It’s on order now, but I don’t this it will do much sitting on our shelves.


6 Responses to “Acceleration”

  1. Bob Says:

    ehh. its okay

  2. someone Says:

    the best book ever… they should make a movie for it!

  3. bookworm Says:

    omg this book was so good.

  4. Mrs. Provence Says:

    Sarah and Kaycee,
    I glad you liked this book. I;ve heard about it for awhile, but had no idea it was going to be so good. I listened to the dvd of the book in my car, and a couple times got home, and stayed in the car listening to it instead of going in. How nerdy am I!!!

    BTW, are you guys Armijo students?

  5. KAYCEE KAY Says:


  6. sarah Says:

    hi im sarah i have to write u a note that i have to do this for a project for school well. i love youre book i like how the first page its has drama and it like my #one book now . i fave parts are that duncan goes into roches home and looks in roches room and finds him in there .thats one and the other one is that duncan reads roches diary i love that kinda books. well bye

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