Buddha Boy

buddha boy

Buddha Boy by Kathe Koja

This slim book (only 117 pages!) might be perfect for someone needing to turn in a book report tomorrow, someone who doesn’t really love reading, or someone who is learning English as a second language.

It’s the story about a regular kid, Justin, who sees behind a new boy’s weird looks, and realizes that he might not be such a freak after all. The way Jinsen dresses: shaved head, oversized t-shirts, and no jackets ever draws the attention of the school’s jocks, who like to bully anyone who is different. When the art teacher partners the two boys in a project, Justin finds out that it’s not that easy to be friends with someone the “cool” kids don’t like. Try this story to see how he tries to balance what he feels is right with the pressure from his friends to act like “everyone else.”


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