The Subtle Knife


The Subtle Knife by Philip Pullman

Although we have this second installment of Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy (remember the Golden Compass!), I decided to listen to it on CD during my daily commute. All I can say is what a great story! Lyra gets a new BFF named Will, who comes from the world over the bridge she was walking over at the end of the first book. He’s somehow involved in all the business with the Dust, but is also looking for his dad. Lyra promises to help him and it just gets more and more interesting. I especially loved the way his story begins to interweave with hers, almost as if they were destined to be on this quest together.

Just to let you know, the audio versions of the book are AMAZING! They use a whole cast of readers, all with those delectable British accents, and it is just like being in the middle of the story. All three books are available in audio version from the Berkeley Public Library.


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