Duma Key

Duma Key by Stephen King

Can we just say Stephen King has done it again? I “listened” to this book in my car while commuting, and owe tons of $ at the library because I wouldn’t return it until I was done!#%*!

As is usually the case in a King novel, we have good fighting evil. In this case, we have Edgar Freemantle creating eerie and surrealistic paintings in his new Duma Key rental house he calls Big Pink. That these strange paintings are going to be dangerous is a given; this IS Stephen King, after all.

What I especially liked about this book was the way King described the personal relationships among the characters. His books have always been character-driven, but he seems to be fleshing them out so that they feel more realistic. Of course, this makes it even harder for me when they are maimed or killed off by the evil menace!

(Currently on order for the BHS library, but widely available through other libraries and book stores.)


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