Daniel Half Human and the Good Nazi

Daniel Half Human : and the Good Nazi by David Chotjewitz

This book is a California Young Reader Medal nominee for 2008-2009.  It is an interesting addition to what most of us call Holocaust Literature, the book tells the story from an unusual perspective, a teenager who never realized that he’s half Jewish until the Nazis were in full control of Germany.  In fact, he tried to join the Hitler Youth, but his parents refused to sign the papers.  When he finds out that his mother is Jewish, his universe turns upside down–suddenly he is the  “half-human,” the outcast, the one who is kicked off the soccer team and whispered about behind his back.

The “good Nazi” in the title refers to Daniel’s best friend, Armin.  He does join the Hitler Youth behind his father’s back, and eventually finds himself faced with the choice of being loyal to his friend, or following orders from his superiors.  Read Daniel Half Human to learn the unexpected ending to this unusual story.


One Response to “Daniel Half Human and the Good Nazi”

  1. Ms. G-E Says:

    I couldn’t read this book fast enough, since I was eager to learn what happened to the narrator, Daniel Half-Human. To have his entire life turned upside down after the discovery that his mother was Jewish, changed his relationships with all but one of his friends, his teachers at school, his parents and the rest of his family. The author recreates the situation in Germany as Hitler rises to power in a totally realistic way, including the way those with Jewish background could not bring themselves to believe their very lives were in danger.

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