Game by Walter Dean Myers

It’s hard to go wrong with Myers, and this book is just proof for his devoted readers. This title is especially great for those readers who loved his earlier basketball books Slam and Outside Shot. I saw three copies of this paperback in the back book room, and knew we had to get them out into the collection ASAP.

Drew Lawson is a great player who hopes that his mad skills will get him offers from Division I colleges during his senior season. His real goal is the NBA, and he knows his mental game is as deep and his skills on the court. But at the beginning of his senior season, the coach starts favoring a new white player from eastern Europe, implying that Drew isn’t enough of a “team player” to carry the team beyond the regional play-offs. As always, the basketball action scenes are riviting, but just as engaging is Drew’s internal struggle to be the best player he can, as well as earn Coach Hauser’s respect and snag a great college deal from one of the schools sending scouts to scope out the team. Like in many of Myer’s books, this one is set in Harlem, with all the aliveness and vibrancy of the scene, as well as the young men who have given up on their dreams showing the “weakness in their eyes” as they hung out on the streets.


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