Indie Girl

Indie Girl by Kavita Daswani

Indira Konkipuddi, known as Indie to her friends, has dreamed of a career in the fashion industry since she was eleven.  Despite her neurosurgeon dad’s insistence on good grades and Ivy League possibilities, Indie knows she absolutely MUST be chosen for the internship at Celebrity Style magazine, even if it means chasing the editor’s limousine to get her attention!  When she actually accepts a summer job as the editor’s babysitter, she’s sure Aaralyn Taylor will have to see her fashion savvy and creativity and offer her the coveted internship position.

However, warnings should have gone off in her head when Aaralynn tells her that  “people from your part of the world are good with domestic duties.”   Oblivious the the racial slight at her Indian heritage, Indie, gives the nanny job her all, but learns a lot more about life than fashion.  Along the way she visits Milan, but only as the hired help, even though she overhears a conversation that may help save Celebrity Style.  Although the may not be the deepest novel I’ve ready lately, curling up with it is a wonderful way to spend a rainy weekend afternoon.

Currently available at the Berkeley Public Library.


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