Lock and Key

Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen

I’m the first one to admit that Sarah Dessen is one of my go to authors when I’m asked for a recommendation for a love story.  While this book has a romance, it has so much more that that’s what makes this title amazing!  This book is the story of seventeen-year-old Ruby, who has literally been abandoned by her mom, and is forced to live with her older sister, who she has always believed ditched the family when she went off to college.  As we all know, the truth is usually much more complicated than we originally thought, and Ruby learns that life isn’t always the way it seems.  Along the way, she meets her hottie next-door-neighbor Nate, who seems to “nice” to be real, but who she finds out has secrets of his own.  In addition to this, she has to adjust to a fancy  private school, where she doesn’t fit in with anyone!  Can her life get any worse?  Try this book and I promise that you’ll find it hard to put down, even when your best bud texts you.

This book will be here right after Thanksgiving!  Ask us for a matching magnet Ms. Goldstein-Erickson got over the summer.


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  1. The Pact « Reading@Berkeley High Says:

    […] they will be engrossed with the story.  This would be an especially good choice for Picoult and Sarah Dessen fans, devotees of realistic teen fiction, and anyone wanting to get swept away by an engrossing […]

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