Sold by Patricia McCormack

Nominee for the California Young Reader medal: 2008-09

In a story that could have come from current news headlines, 13 year old Lakshmi leaves her isolated village high in the mountains of Nepal for what she thinks is a job as a maid in a big city. When she arrives she learns her stepfather has sold her to people who force her into a life as a prostitute. When she resists, even through beatings and starvation, she is finally drugged to break her will. Even though she suffers humiliation and physical pain, she holds onto a hope of returning home. How Lakshmi tries to maintain her hope of escaping a life of degradation provides a gripping story.

Written by Ms. Goldstein-Erickson


One Response to “Sold”

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    […] this book, although it could have been about a third shorter.  I recommend to readers who liked Sold, A Long Way Gone, and modern stories about families making their way in war torn […]

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