Street Pharm


Street Pharm by Allison van Diepen

One of our students recommended this book to me, and I have to admit that he was sure right about this author.  This is her first title, and you can tell she has a real feel for the urban jungle that many inner city teens face.  Ty Johnson is just 17, and is carrying on his father’s drug dealing business while he is in jail.  Ty is smart, but doesn’t do much in school besides make connections with his dealers and runners.  He does have rules he runs his life by:  never lose control; know your enemies; practice patience; and don’t have a girlfriend until age 21. The problems begin when he is kicked out of high school, sent to an alternative school, and begins to fall for a single mom named Alyse.  But she hates drugs and dealers, and has no idea what Ty does.  It’s OK, because he’s trying not to like her, but it’s hard.  On top of this, drama heats up with his business and his father.

This book kept my interest all the way through; I recommend it highly to readers who like urban lit, or who want to read about someone making the tough decisions.


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