Romiette and Julio


Romiette & Julio by Sharon Draper

When teenage Romiette (Romi) and Julio meet in a teen chat room, they discover that they go to the same school, and instantly feel something. They agree to meet, and hardly notice the one thing everyone else does: Romi is black, and Julio is Hispanic.
The two fall for each other, hard, despite their differences:

  • Romi is a privileged girl whose father is an anchor man for the news, and her mother owns a shop that sells African things, clothing, paintings, books, etc., and lives in a spacious house.
  • In contrast, Julio is new to Cincinnati, having just moved from Texas to escape gang wars back in the place he called home his whole life.

The two’s friends, Ben and Destiny, think its great that they’ve found each other, but the all-Black gang in the school, the Devil Dogs, do not approve, and they’ll do anything to keep the young lovers apart. When Romi’s terrifying nightmares come true, it’s a race against time to save the teens- and prove that Love can conquer all.

Reviewed by Naysomay Class of 2011


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