Crank and Glass

crank glass

Crank and Glass both by Ellen Hopkins

This is another book I discovered via one of our avid readers. When she told me about the book, at first I wasn’t that enthusiastic, because I’m not a big fan of novels told in verse (free form poetry). But she convinced me to try it anyway, and now I’m so addicted that I just finished my third book by this writer! Both Crank and Glass are about a girl named Kristina.  When Kristina goes to visit her father that she rarely sees, she gets introduced to “the monster,” the highly addictive methamphetamine, sometimes called crystal or crank by users. This is when she discovers “Bree,” her alter ego she who’s the bad girl. It’s the fearless Bree who falls so under the spell of the monster, that she’ll do anything to get more. This book ends with Kristina in a terrible situation, where she must come to terms with her addiction, or completely give up.
Glass picks us where Crank ends. Here is how Kristina/Bree describes her life at the beginning of the book:

My Mother and Stepfather

Tried to stop me before
it all went completely wrong.
Kristina spent almost a whole
year GUFN–grounded
until further notice.

But Bree was really good
at prying open windows
at night, lying with a straight
face, denying she had
slipped so far downhill.

Nothing slowed me down,
Not losing my virginity
to Brenden’s rape. Not
spending a few days
in juvenile hall…

Pregnant. And Brenden
was the father. Bree considered
abortion. Exorcism. Kristina
understood the baby was not
the demon. His father was.”

Even though she’s a new mother living at home and working at 7-11, Kristina still thinks she can control the monster. She quickly discovers that she can never be in charge if she’s using, but doesn’t have the inner strength to stop using. In fact, she graduates to Glass, a purer and even more addictive form of crank.

I actually liked the second book better than the first. Her character felt more honest, and it was easy to identify with her struggles, even though I’ve never faced these particular problems. Although these books are fiction, they are loosely based on the author’s daughter’s own experiences. This fact, which she tells at the beginning of Crank, made it even more interesting. This books are sort of like Go Ask Alice for our times.


3 Responses to “Crank and Glass”

  1. Mercedes Martin Says:

    Crank was a very good book. It kept my interest the whole time i read the book in 2 days.. interesting books are hard to find for me becuase im not much of a reader but once i started the book i had to finish it. Im in the process of reading Glass an i hope to finish it soon so that i can continue the series to see what happens. 🙂

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    […] third and final novel in Hopkin’s Crank series brings  the meth-addicted Kristina’s story full circle.  It tells the story of her three […]

  3. Ellen Hopkins Event!!!! « Reading@Berkeley High Says:

    […] can’t wait to read this book as I absolutely loved Crank and Glass!  I would recommend this to readers who like realistic fiction and books told in […]

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