Black and White


Black and White by Paul Volponi

A teacher told me his students loved Volponi’s books, and that led me to ordering them all for our library, and starting my reading with this one. This book is the story of two high school seniors, Marcus and Eddie. Marcus is black, and Eddie is white, but they have been closest friends for years and no longer even notice the color of the other’s skin. In addition, they are the stars of their high school’s basketball team, earning the nickname “Black & White” for their power on the court. Hoping for college scholarships, they play like mad men, but make one terrible decision that will alter their lives forever.
This story is told alternately in both boy’s voices, making it totally realistic for me. The way they spoke seemed really natural, making it very believable. I couldn’t put the book down, hoping that somehow things would work out OK for both boys. I would recommend this book to readers who like sports or who like edgy stories.


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