Baby Doll


Baby Doll by Divine

Baby Doll was a book that told a story about that side of the project.  It had true drama;  it was about a young lady who was living in a world where people hated her.   Her own mother’s boyfriend was raping her.   Her sister tried to tell her mother that she was getting raped, but she just would say she was lying. The  young lady was getting jumped at schoo,l but when she ran into a man named Big Daddy Blue, everything felt like it was going to be alright .

He got her a job, an apartment, even some clubs. But Big Daddy was dying of cancer.     When he was gone, she was left with six stores and four clubs. Big Daddy’s  main goal was to leave her in charge of the youth program he started, and when she sold all the business for four million dollars.   That’ when she got death threats. One day she was shot in her home. After that day she changed Big Daddy’s dream to new heights. She knew that she didn’t die for a reason, so she did all she could do to fix it.
This was a good book and if you are into drama this is the book for you.

Written by Tenise   Class of 2009


2 Responses to “Baby Doll”

  1. sade Says:

    i like this book this bok is a good book and i this book can be about me sometime but this is a good 🙂

  2. sade Says:

    this a good book man i this book 4 me lolxz but yeathis is a good book

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