Unwind by Neal Shusterman

This story takes place in a future world where, in order to appease both pro-choice and pro -life armies, children can not be aborted from the moment of conception until age 13, when they can be ‘aborted’ by being ‘unwound’, a painless procedure wherein they are taken apart, and their body parts are used in other humans- yet every part of them remains ‘alive’.
For Connor, Risa and Lev, unwinding is their fate- Connor because he is a trouble maker, having fallen in with the ‘wrong crowed’, Risa because of funding cuts in the orphanage she lives in, Lev for a religious reason, a tithe. But these three teenagers are not going to let their lives be taken from them, not without a fight.
The story is quite creepy, but beautifully written, told from alternating perspectives of the three fugitives, who ponder the fine line between right and wrong, and the true meaning of the simple four letter word we take for granted- “Life”.
Review by Naysomay


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