Dragon Slippers


Dragon Slippers by Jessica Day George.

Set in a made up land where Kings and Queens still rule, a young teenager is to be sacrificed to a dragon.   Ah,I’ve gotten a head of myself. Creel, an orphan living in the county with her poor aunt, longs to make her living in the city as a dressmaker, like her Mama dreamed. Her aunt, unwittingly, has presented her with just such an opportunity. Aunt’s master plan to become rich is simple- sacrifice Creel to the local dragon, convince the local Lord’s son to rescue her, and then the two get married and move into the Lord’s castle.   But Creel knows that Dragons are the things of Bed Tales, and so waits for her Aunt to leave, so that she can run off to the Capitol, and begin work.

But when a dragon really does come, it takes some quick thinking for Creel to get herself out of this mess!

This remarkable story is unique in that it is set in the days of Knights and Kings- and the heroine isn’t a complete tomboy, “I want adventure” or stereotypical female, “let the boys have the adventure, I’ll stay home and sew”, but a combination of the two. Readers will come to adore Creel, the beautiful descriptions, and the mythical tale itself as a plot to take over the kingdom is unfurled.   Be sure to read book two, Dragon Flight, and up coming book three, Dragon Spear.

This book is available from the Berkeley Public Library.

Review by Naysomay


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