Boot Camp


Boot Camp by Todd Strasser

This is another book recommended to me by two of our students, if you can believe that! The first one asked me to order all the books I could find by Todd Strasser because he didn’t like reading, but really liked this guy’s books. (Give a Boy a Gun was a fav.) The second student saw it on our book display, and got out his copy from the Berkeley Public Library. He asked me if I had read it and told me it was the best book he’d read all year.

Garret is a brilliant high school student who has never even had to try and still gets straight A’s. Unfortunately, he also gets bored easily and learned that he only needs to come to school about three days each week to keep up in all his classes. As if this isn’t enough to make his parents go crazy, he proceeds to fall in love with his 23-year-old teacher Sabrina. That was the last straw for his rich parents. They arrange to have him kidnapped and sent to a boot camp in the middle of no where until his agrees to follow their rules, their way.

Trust me, you DON’T was to be at Lake Harmony boot camp. The food is terrible, the classes are are online and useless, and the group therapy is more like a pack of enraged pit bulls ripping each other apart. And that’s not even the worst part…

Read Boot Camp; see if you could stand it.


One Response to “Boot Camp”

  1. Taylor Petty Says:

    I hated this book. the ending left me angry and hollow. Every thing that happeend at the camp enraged me more and more. and for some reason, peole ENJOY this book! How?! Garret gives up at the end, he says “I deserved it” when asked about beign abused. He gave in. He basicly died inside. The book had commited the equivalent of killing off the protagonist. And why does it seem that onyl the adult readers enjoy this book, because every teen I show this too in my group of friends hate it. I just detest this book, the writing’s good but the story only pisses me off and the ending makes me want to burn it. I would never break at such a boot camp. No, I would never give them the satisfaction. I’d wait untill I was 18 and then leave, and man, would I hate my family forever.

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