Criminal Minded

criminal minded

Criminal Minded by Tracy Brown
This is a good book for any teen to read. It goes into detail about a teen growing up in the ghetto and how his obsession for money made him go as  low to selling drugs. Lamin Michaels then falls in love with a beautiful girl named Lucky,  that makes him rethink the drug game. There was conflict  because people didn’t like the fact that he was selling drugs in their neighborhood, so he had problems, especially with his partner Zion. When he finally got legit,  his friends and cousin try to keep him and the streets and on his hustle.   So with all the drama will they still want to be able to be on the top and have him keep his girl.
I give this book three stars because its a good book. It doesn’t go over the top with detail and it it perfect for a high school student. I liked the book most when it was explaining the drama and telling us what was going on with each character. I would recommend this book to everyone who likes drama and want to read a good book. This book is truly a book that you won’t be-able to put down if you start it.

Written by Tenise  Class of 2009


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