First Semester

First Semester by Cecil R. Cross

In the second quarter of the school year I found myself intertwined in every word written by the wonderful author Cecil R. Cross II in his smashing book,  First Semester.   The book revolves around an incoming college freshman named James “JD” Dawson, who struggles to adapt to his new college and his new surroundings in Atlanta, Georgia. The book was nonstop laughter and evoked an outpouring of emotions.

The concept of the book can be summarized in one scene:  JD sits in his room pondering where his hyper religious friend Timothy could be and why Timothy hadn’t taken his bible to class. Timothy walks in the room and discusses how God has failed him and how he believes he should drop out of college and pursue something that wont “put him in a box.”   At that moment JD realizes that college isn’t for everyone, and that if you have this chance you should value it.  He saw that education will get you every and anywhere but squandering your precious opportunity will only lead you down a path of confusion and despair.

First Semester deserves a 10 out of 10 because the book went smoothly and there was not one moment where my eyes left the bold black words; Cecil Cross has out done himself.  I recommended this book to: Black males, future college students, and people who enjoy urban fiction and romantic fiction.

Written by Persiah, class of 2011

From Ms. Provence:  This title is part of the Kimani Tru series.  So far we own sixteen books in the series and have more on order.


2 Responses to “First Semester”

  1. Becca Says:

    “Not one moment where my eyes left the bold black words” and rating the book a 10 out of 10 is pretty compelling! Guess I know what’s next on my reading list. Thanks for the review.

    • Mrs. Provence Says:

      I’ll be sure to make sure the reviewer sees this comment; she’ll be thrilled!

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