Bliss by Lauren Myracle

This book surprised me, in a totally good way.  I know of the writer from the books she’s written for tween and teen girls, but this is something completely different–a creepy horror story that kept me on the edge of my seat once I got involved in it.  It takes place in 1969 and begins when Bliss is dropped off by her hippie parents at her grandmother’s house in Atlanta.  She’s never really gone to school, and when he grandma enrolls her at the prestigious Crestview Academy, it’s a complete culture shock.  To add to her culture shock, she starts hearing an eerie voice in her head, that starts off just saying “blood,” but soon expands and has much more to say. Bliss befriends two girls who couldn’t be more opposite: the class beauty Sarah Lynn who couldn’t be more icy, and Sandy, who has a strange obsession with a former student who is rumored to have killed herself by jumping off one of the tallest campus buildings.

Part of the story’s narration is told in a journal written by “S.L.L.,” which just gets creepier and weirder as time goes by.  Blend in with these entries the strange voice (written in a scary font) that Bliss keeps hearing, and it’s hard to go worng with this title.  This is the perfect book for horror fans, and even reminded me a little bit of one of my favorites, Stephen King.


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