Tweak: Growing up on Methamphetamines by Nic Sheff

“I am so afraid.  I’m afraid to hope again,” says Nic during his fifth stint in rehab.  Nic is a methamphetamine junkie who started on his trail of addiction with his first drink at 11-years-old.  This 22-year-old has tried almost every drug you can name, and liked most of them.  Raised in LA and San Francisco, he always thought he would be able to quit when he was “ready” to, but his habitual relapses have made him nearly give up.  His divorced parents barely return his phone calls because they can’t trust him because he’s stolen so many times to support his habit, and they just can’t take being heart-broken again by the son they love.  The story is told through Nic’s eyes, and is sad, but ultimately hopeful.  Nic’s father wrote Beautiful Boy, about his son’s addiction from a dad’s point of view.  BHS owns a copy of each title!

WARNING:  This book has very graphic language and descriptions of drug use.  For me, this makes it extremely realistic, but some may find it offensive.


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