Monster by Walter Dean Myers

This book is about a sixteen year old boy who is on trial for murder. He might have robbed a liquor store with friends and shot and killed the owner of the store, but the reader isn’t told what really happened. It is a trial that, if the jury finds him guilty, could result in the death penalty  at worst,and at best, over twenty years in prison. Steve Harmon needs to keep his hopes alive while he is sitting in jail, while he is sitting with his friends/co-participants.  He says he does well in school and says he has a future. In this book there is no plea-bargain; it’s all or anything.   Steve, an amateur filmmaker, tells his experiences in the form of a movie screenplay. In addition to the movie script, Myers include Steve’s journal entries that tell more about his character and his time during the trial.  Read the book to see what happens to Steve.

I recommend this book to people who like edge-of-your-seat drama. It had me waiting for more.

I give this book a 4/5 stars.

Written by Omar,  class of 2010.


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