hold still

hold still by Nina LaCour

I REALLY liked this book. It tells the story of how sixteen-year-old Caitlin deals with the loss of her best friend Ingrid who committed suicide.  At first Caitlin is completely frozen emotionally, but when she finds Ingrid’s private journal that her friend had hidden under the bed, she begins reading the entries one at a time.  She slowly begins to understand the depression that took over her friend’s mind and heart, making Ingrid feel like suicide was her only option.  Her recovery is difficult, however, since she initially isolates herself from her family and everyone at school.  She hides to the point of sleeping in her car that she hasn’t even had the heart to get her license to be able to drive yet. Eventually she begins allowing people in again, and finds love for the first time with Jayson, and a new friend in a strong-willed girl named Dylan.

It feels like the writer could completely immerse herself in the mind of her main character.  It was so realistic that I felt as if Caitlin were my own friend, and I cried was more than once.  I can’t wait to read LaCour’s next book.  This title won an Morris Award honor title from my Young Adult Library Services Association (librarians who are crazy enough to love teenagaers!)  for  a book by a first-time, previously unpublished author.  The interesting thing is that the writer lives in Oakland, and teaches English at a local high school.

When you’re not at school, enjoy this great book trailer!


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