Beautiful Creatures Author Visit

We had the greatest visit with Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl last week. They spoke to about 60 students in the library right before lunch and were a HUGE hit! Many of the students had read the entire book, and most of the rest had at least heard the first few chapters  in class. We want to give a huge SHOUT OUT to Books Inc. in Berkeley for making  this visit possible, especially to Jenn Laughran for working so closely with Ms. Provence to work out the details. This amazing new bookstore is right down on Fourth St. between University and Gilman.    Be sure to let them know you’re from Berkeley High when you visit!

Here are some pictures of the highlights:

The sign we had downstairs to welcome our guests.

Ms. Provence introducing Kami and Margie.

Kami reads the first chapter of the book aloud to the students.

The kids were rapt with attention. If only the librarians were this scintillating when they talk about books!#?!

The women even brought a slideshow to illustrate the American South and their vision of Gatlin.

Lots of questions from inquiring minds.

Lots of questions from inquiring minds.

Sometimes it takes more than one writer to answer a question.

Kami & Margie signed books, souvenir necklaces, and even a journal!

It was hard for some of the kids to break away to go to lunch!


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