Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson

If you’ve been waiting for Anderson to write another book like Speak, your patient wait is over.  Although this title came out over a year ago, the paperback edition was just published, making me realize I had never blogged it here.  This gut-renching story details what  happens with Lia when her best friend Cassie dies from her own eating disorder.  Both girls have long  suffered eating disorders, calling themselves Wintergirls for the constant chill an anorexic feels due to their low body fat ratio.  Even though the girls had been estranged, Cassie leaves 33 messages on Lia’s cell phone as she lays dying alone in a motel room.  Her voice haunts Lia, making it even harder for her to try to recover.

The story is told through Lia’s eyes, and the author is able to take us right into her emotions, making this a pretty difficult book to read.  She uses crossed out words/sentences, italics, and entries from a secret internet blog to take the readers into the grip of this destructive disorder.  I loved it, and we cannot keep either of our two copies in the library, which is why I snagged one in paperback as soon as I saw it.  I just want to warn readers that this book is so realisitic that is can be a painful read, and putting it down or even abandoning it is OK.

I rate this book a 5 out of 5 stars with a caution for sensitive readers.

Here’s a book trailer you can watch from home about the book:


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