Sara’s Face

Sara’s Face by Melvin Burgess

While I have to say this wasn’t one of my favorite books from this year, it was definitely worth reading.  I ordered it because it’s written by the wildly popular British author of Smack, Melvin Burgess.  Simply put, this is the story of what happens when plastic surgery goes wrong.  Seventeen-year-old Sara is obsessed with being a celebrity, and seems to be willing to do anything to reach this goal.  When the infamous rock star Jonathan Heat, who reminds the reader a little of the late Michael Jackson, takes her under his wing, it appears that all her dreams will come true.  It doesn’t make her nervous that Heat’s own face is so messed up from plastic surgeries that he has to wear a mask to appear any kind of normal.  When she moves into his mansion, though, she finds that the price for beauty may be more than she is willing to pay.

This is a book about vanity, celebrity-obsession, the drive for the perfect look, and the price we sometimes pay to try to serve these goals.  It will certainly make readers think about our current society’s adulation with celebrities and obsession with appearances.


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