Gone by Michael Grant

This fast-paced novel will grab you at the beginning, and won’t let you go until you’re finished!  It details what happens in the small California Beach town called Perdido Beach, when suddenly everyone over the age of fourteen just disappears.  Sides are chosen as the town kids look to local hero Sam to lead them, while kids from the Coates Academy, a private school for rich but somewhat unbalanced students, follow Caine, who is charismatic but may have a cruel streak as deep as the Pacific Ocean.  Add to this the fact that some of the kids have special powers, and that there is some type of evil lurking in an abandoned gold mine in the nearby desert, and you have the ingredients for a totally gripping story.  It sort of reminded me of Lord of the Flies meets Stephen King.

This is first in the series, but we already have the second installment, Hunger, and have the third which comes out in May on order.

Check out this book trailer from home created by  mtwomey1000:


3 Responses to “Gone”

  1. The Plague by Michael Grant « Reading@Berkeley High Says:

    […] fourth installment of Grant’s Gone series, following the addictive Gone, Hunger and Lies.  Fans of the series will not be disappointed in this new title.   Sam and […]

  2. Inkyu Ian Kim Says:

    wow, dude, it is over 15 not 14… Error in a vid

    • Mrs. Provence Says:

      When they turn 15, they vanish!

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