The Dead Tossed Waves

The Dead Tossed Waves by Carrie Ryan

First off, this is not the sequel to the amazing The Forest of Hands and Teeth.  It is a “companion” novel, which means it’s related, but not a continuation.  This book centers on Gabry, Mary’s daughter, who has been raised in relative safety in a small town of Vista on the edge of the sea.  Due to her mother’s constant warnings about the the unconsecrated (undead zombies who the townspeople call Mudos) and dangers beyond the protection of the tall, wooden Barrier, Gabrielle is a timid girl who finds it almost impossible to take the kinds of teenage risks her friends can’t resist by sneaking out to the dilapidated ruins of the amusement park just beyond the safety of the thick-walled Barrier.  But Catcher, who Gabry has not-so-secret feelings for, encourages her to do this with him, and in a moment of rashness, she swings her leg over the wooden wall and climbs over into the ruins.  This one decision will forever change her life.  Some of her friends end up bitten by the Mudos and become undead themselves, and the survivors are imprisoned awaiting a decision from the town council about their fates.  Catcher has been bitten, but insists that Gabry run back to the town, pretending like she was there the whole time.

For the young woman, life doesn’t get any simpler after she escapes punishment.  She finds she must go back to the Forest, and learn about her own mother’s secrets, things Mary had never shared with her.  For fans of Ryan’s first book, this will be a must read.

Check out the book trailer below from your home computer for more clues about the story:


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