Push by Sapphire

Push is such a great book; just in case you haven’t read it, I will tell you a little about it.  This book is about a young lady named  Claireece Precious Jones, and she goes by Precious.  She was just 12 when she had her first child;  she had her baby by her own father who used to molest her every night.  Her mother, was obese, and she used to beat Precious and call her names like fat, slut, and whore. Precious was also illiterate; she couldn’t read or write.  Because she was 16 and going on her next child by her father again, she decided to get into an alternative school so she could learn new things and teach her unborn baby things her mother and father never taught  her. Her mother disagreed with this plan and wanted her to stay home and collect welfare.

Towards the end of the book Precious has her second baby at age 16, learns some difficult news about her health, and makes some big decisions about how she wants to live her life.

I would rate this book as 10 because its touching and moving.  I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in reading it from my description.

Destiny class of 2010


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