Nina LaCour Visit

Nina LaCour came last Tuesday and talked to two classes about the writing process and her book Hold Still.  It was great, we only wish more classes had been able to come and listen.  The event was co-sponsored by the BHS Library and the Berkeley Public Library.

Next month we have Cory Doctorow visiting to talk about his new book, For the Win, which features online multiplayer gaming and a battle against ruthless multinational forces willing to go to any lengths to protect their power base.  I’ve heard it’s a great book, so encourage your teachers to bring you to hear Cory on May 19.

Our welcome sign we set up in the Main Office.  You can tell Ms. P. really needs help in the graphics department, so please volunteer to help make the Cory Doctorow poster!

Nina, sharing and laughing with students.

She can hardly contain her excitement about the great questions our student writers asked.

Here is the video Nina talked about during her visit. (You can see it from your home computer as YouTube is blocked from campus.

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  1. Nina Lacour visits Montclair Village bookstore « Reading@Berkeley High Says:

    […] English teacher whose first book completely overwhelmed me.  See my review HERE.  Here’s a LINK to the entry about her visit to BHS.  I strongly encourage you to hear her talk and read from her […]

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