Bait by Alex Sanchez

Fans of Alex Sanchez’s books (Rainbow High series and others) will not be disappointed with his newest title.  Imagine that you have an out of control temper that is about to land you in Juvie, and that no matter what you do, certain comments just make you see red and you can’t control your fists.  This is what Diego MacMann is going through and nothing seems to help.  He has good grades and should have a bright future, but he is so miserable, he even hurts himself to try to dull the pain.  He carries a terrible secret so deep within himself, that he’s put himself in a prison according to his Probation Officer, Mr. Vidas.  But surprisingly, the two bond, and the reasons for Diego’s self-hatred slowly come to light.

I loved this book!  What I especially appreciated about it was that it didn’t focus so much on the issues from Diego’s past, but his journey towards making sense of his past and healing himself so he could live a whole life.  I would especially recommend this for fans of David Pelzer’s A Child Called It and Margaret Peterson Haddix’s  Don’t You Dare Read This, Mrs. Dunphrey.


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