The Astonishing Adventures of Fanboy and Goth Girl

The Astonishing Adventures of Fanboy and Goth Girl by Barry Lyga

This just could be the perfect book for the graphic novel fans.  Although it’s a traditional book, it’s the story of Donnie, aka Fanboy, who is obsessed with comics and graphic novels.  In fact, he’s writing/drawing one of his own called Schemata.  Fanboy is a super shy high school sophomore, who’s been a target of bullies for years.  His mom’s solution is to just “ignore them,” but Fanboy knows that doesn’t really do any good.  He mentally adds them to The List, “a compilation of everyone who’s ever pissed me off for no reason whatsoever.”  His best (and only) friend Cal loves comics, too, but he’s also a jock who will barely let the rest of the kids see him talking to Fanboy.  When the goth-looking Kyra IM’s Fanboy with phone pictures of a Cromagnon-type  jock beating on him in PE class, they hesitantly become friends because she’s as much as outsider as Donnie is.  She is the only one he shows Schemata to, and she immediately sees his talent.  She encourages him to show some pages to his favorite writer at a ComiCon type conference, but the situation doesn’t play out the way either of them expected.  Despite this lack of a “happy every after” ending, this is a fun book, and I highly recommend to everyone.

Although Lyga looks at the themes of bullying and being an outsider, the book doesn’t ever turn dark, the characters’ sarcastic attitudes keeping it somewhat light.  Kyra’s story is continued in Goth Girl Rising, which we also own.

Here’s a video you can look at from home:


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