Cory Doctorow visit next week-May 19

As many of you already know, the amazing Cory Doctorow will be visiting us during Period 5 on May 19.  He’s coming to talk about his newest book, For the Win, which just came out on May 11.  If you would like to come see him, talk to Ms. Provence or Ms. Goldstein-Erickson about getting a permission slip to come.  We already have a number of classes coming, but there’s always room for our avid readers!  Cory’s description of the book is:

For the Win is an adventure story about kids around the world who work as “gold farmers” (people who do repetitive tasks in games like World of Warcraft to amass virtual fortunes that are sold on to lazier players) who use the video games and other networked systems to organize a global trade union, called the Industrial Workers of the World Wide Web (or “Webblies”). It’s a kind of novel-length expansion of the ideas in my short story Anda’s Game, and it’s full of technical details about economics (classical and behavioral), global politics, the labor movement, and the theory and practice of games.”

We have a number of copies of the book if you want to start reading now, but you can also download it HERE.


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