Maze Runner

Maze Runner by James Dashner

This fast-paced story is perfect for those readers who love action movies, mysteries and post-apocalyptic thrillers.  It it the first installment of the tale that slowly reveals itself as each new twist unwinds.  The story begins as Thomas wakes up in the total dark, having no idea who he is or where he is.  He has no memories except for his first name.  He hears the grinding of gears and feels himself ascending upwards, and deduces that he’s in some type of elevator.  When the doors finally open, he finds himself surrounded by kids who tell him he’s in the Glade, an isolated area surrounded by tall rock  walls that close every sunset–locking them in, or locking something terrible out???  The Glade’s two leaders, Alby and Newt are less than open about where he is and what’s going on; Thomas begins to realize they don’t know much more about where they are and why than he does.

They do know that everyone has a job and Thomas must do a one-day trial with each Keeper to find out which one he is best suited for.

They do know that once a month a new boy arrives via the lift. (elevator)

They do know that every morning the stone doors surrounding the Glade open, and close again each evening.

They do know that there’s a huge maze outside the stone doors that they must solve somehow in order to get out of the Glade and back to their real lives.

Although the boys were expecting Thomas to arrive because a new boy has arrived  in the black lift once each month for the last two years that they’ve been there, something happens the next day that completely throws the Glade into chaos.  A GIRL (the first one) arrives in the elevator.  Although she looks like she might be dead, she’s clutching a crumpled note that states: “She’s the last one.  Ever.”  Before she passes out completely, in a hollow voice she whispers, “Everything is going to change.”

That’s putting it mildly! Thomas hasn’t even had time to get used to the Glade before he’s thrown into the middle of it’s mysteries.  To make matters even worse, many of the Gladers think he’s somehow responsible for them being there, and Thomas isn’t 100 % sure they’re wrong.

Once I got into the story, I could not put this book down.  I highly recommend it to anyone needing an adventure, an engrossing story, or some total escape from your everyday life.


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  1. Salt « Reading@Berkeley High Says:

    […] as much detail and description as necessary to move the plot along.  I recommend this to fans of The Maze Runner and science fiction, fantasy,  and dystopia lovers.  This is the first in a trilogy, the second […]

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