The Summer I Turned Pretty

The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han

Belly has been going to Cousins Beach every summer as long as she can remember.  And she’s had a huge crush on Conrad for about the same period of time.  Conrad is one of the two sons of Susanna, her mom’s best friend who owns the beach house they share each summer.  But something is different this this.  Conrad and his brother Jeremiah look at Belly a little too long, and she begins to realize that she really is  becoming a “lovely young woman,” just like her mom and Susanna are constantly telling her.  For some reason, though, Conrad is distant and almost belligerent this summer.  He drinks too much, looks for fights, and just isn’t the same boy Belly has known forever.  He even gets strangely overprotective when Belly meets a boy named Cam and they start spending their days together.

Although there’s a deep secret making this summer different than every other year,  mostly this is a story of summer romance, first love, and a girl growing up into a young woman.

I loved this book and found it a very easy and quick read.  I’d recommend it for anyone who likes romances, coming of age stories and family drama.  By the way, we also own the sequel called It’s Not Summer Without You, which I cannot wait to get my hands on!


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