Tomorrow When the War Began

Tomorrow When the War Began by John Marsden

Imagine that you’re in high school and on a camping trip with a bunch of your friends.  You have a great time, but when you return to town, you discover that all the houses have been abandoned; all the people, including your own families, seem to have vanished into thin air.  This is what happens to Ellie and her six friends in this suspenseful story set in Australia.  The kids begin to investigate and slower figure out that their country has been invaded and most of the citizens from their small town are being held prisoners at the county fairgrounds.  As the brutal reality of their situation sinks in, and the teenagers are forced to make a life and death choice: Should they go back and hide in the secret area they discovered while on their camping trip, or should they try to be heroes and rescue their families and townspeople?

This fast-paced, gripping story is a must read for fans of dystopia and apocalyptic fiction.  It’s a very easy and fast read, maybe perfect for that last minute book project!  I highly recommend it to fans of Little Brother, Hunger Games, and Margaret Atwood.

For those of you series fans, this is the first in a series of seven, all of which have been published.  It’s called The Tomorrow series, and has been super popular here and in Australia.  In fact, it’s so loved there that it’s often one of the books kids read as a whole class in school.

This is not a new title (1995), but a movie based on it will be premiering sometime this fall.  Here’s a link to the trailer on YouTube–a little cheesy but the movie looks fun!  As a longtime fan of these books, I can’t wait!


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