Split by Swati Avasthi

In this well-written first novel, the reader becomes immersed in the story of sixteen-year-old Jace Witherspoon, who arrives at his big brother’s apartment with a split lip, a beat-up face, and a pocket full of change. This is a story about what happens after a young person escapes a home rampant with domestic violence. Jace and Christian’s judge father has been beating on their mother for as long as they can remember. With the help of some friend’s parents, Christian ran away a number of years back, and is now in medical school in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Not once did he contact Jace to find out if his younger brother was OK. Of course, he wasn’t; he began intervening between his mom and dad the same way Christian had and had the scars to prove it. When he snapped one day and actually started hitting his father, he was exiled from the home, with only his camera and some money his mother had hidden from her abusive husband.

Jace tries to start a new life with his brother, but their mutual silence about the past cannot be overcome, even with Christian’s girlfriend threatens to leave him. And something terrible happened between Jace and his ex Lauren, something he can hardly think about… How can he even consider dating a new girl named Dakota, even though she’s smart and funny, and just as much a book-nerd as he is?

I adored this book and read it in two days, not being able to hardly put it down. I recommend to all readers and this guys who usually don’t like reading would especially like it.

Click HERE for a short excerpt from Chapter 1.

Watch the book trailer for this book from home:


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