Next Semester

Next Semester by Cecil R. Cross

The second semester at Berkeley high school left me yearning for literature, yet, I remained separated from any form of it. I finally got my hands upon the second edition of the book First Semester . This wonderful read, is titled Next Semester by Cecil Cross. The book details the second semester life of James Dawson whose first encounter with college life was nothing short of impossible and, for lack of a better word, crazy. I enjoyed this book because seeing as how I will be entering college in a year, it helps me debrief the fairy tale image of collge. For instance, College is seen as freedom and partying, a time to be yourself. James Dawson learned that freedom comes with a price when he decided to go to the Kappa “return to school” party when he: had no ride home, no money to enter the event, and 2 mandatory test in 2 of his most important classes. This is where the fairy tale comes in to play. Most books would allow James to get back to his dorm on time with enough time to stretch to finish his two papers. Not exactly, he ends up missing a free transit ride and missing both his classes causing his grade to immediately slip.

I rate this book a 10 simply because there will always be something wrong with any project, book, magazine, but this book was flawless in every sense of the word. I recommend this book for someone who enjoys urban youth fiction and books that focus on overcoming the odds.

Reviewed by Persiah, class of 2011


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