The Everafter

The Everafter by Amy Huntley

As this unusual novel opens, seventeen-year-old Madison Stanton finds herself in a dark void, with familiar looking objects floating near her.  She doesn’t know where she is, when it is, or even who she is, and eventually realizes she must have died, and this is the Everafter.  Slowly she learns that the objects near her are things she lost in life, and by holding them, she can re-experience and perhaps even change the moments in her life to which the bracelet, note or pine cone is linked.  Eventually Maddy begins to reconstruct her life, but the biggest mystery for her is how she died.  She accidentally learns that she can communicate with others in the spirit world, and her boyfriend Gabe and childhood friend Tammy help her learn about her own shocking death.

I liked this book, although it wasn’t as gripping as some titles I’ve read.  I would recommend it to readers who like romance, paranormal stories and titles like Before I Fall and If I Stay.

Here’s a book trailer you can see from home:


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