The Body Finder

The Body Finder by Kimberly Derting

Violet Ambrose has always been able to “sense” animals and people who have died violently.  It’s not a gift she’s happy to have, and in fact, no one knows about it but her immediate family and her best friend Jay.  Finding a dead girl in the woods when she was only eight years old left her with nightmares for years.  As she begins her junior year, she realizes that her feelings for her best friend Jay have transformed into something more that best buddies, but she has no clue if he feels the same way.  In addition to this, a serial killer is stalking teenage girls in her rural community, and Vi and Jay actually stumbled across one of the bodies while jet skiing at an end-0f-summer lake party.  Of course, it wasn’t actually an accident, as Violet could sense the dead girl’s echo and it led her to the body in the shallow water near the lake’s shore.  So poor Violet has two huge issues: her blinding crush on Jay, and her need to help find the serial killer, who seems to be stepping up the timing of the murders and making it even harder for Vi’s parents to let her leave the house.

This engaging thriller moves along at a brisk pace, with spine-chilling chapters from the killer’s point of  view thrown in every once in awhile for extra creepiness.  I really enjoyed this book and recommend to anyone who likes horror, mystery and suspense books.  There are  a couple twists that really make the story unique.


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