Dreamland by Sarah Dessen

When Caitlin was younger, her mother used to tuck her and her sister into bed every night, promising to “See you in Dreamland” before shutting the door quietly behind her.  Now, Dreamland is where the sixteen-year-old is trying to live, practically invisible in a place where no one even notices her.  When her almost perfect sister runs away to New York City instead of entering Yale University, Caitlin wants a life of her own choosing, instead of one where she always compares herself to her stellar sister Cassandra.  The handsome, mysterious, and brooding Rogerson seemed to be her opportunity to create an identity of her own choosing.  Here she won’t have to measure up to the cheerleading squad’s tiresome demands.  Here she won’t have to be transformed into her mother’s “project” to replace the beloved Cassandra.  Here she won’t have to struggle to fit in to the popular crowd at her school, something her best friend Rina has no trouble doing.  The problem is that Rogerson has problems of his own, the kind of problems that soon become Caitlin’s, too.  This devastating journey into the heart and mind of a teenager who can’t seem to ask for the help she needs will keep you the edge of your seat wondering if Caitlin will be able to save herself before it’s too late.

This is one of Sarah Dessen’s older titles, but it still as great as anything she has written recently.  I highly recommend it to all her fans, and fans of realistic teen stories.


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