Dark Song by Gail Giles

Dark Song by Gail Giles

Ames Ford has the life any teenager would envy: rich parents, posh private school, designer clothes and virtually no responsibilities.  When her father is fired as a stockbroker for “borrowing” money from his clients’ accounts, they are forced to give up their mansion, leave Boulder and move to a raunchy rental house in Texas, that looks like it used to be a crack house.  When they arrive to m0ve in, Marc, a friend of a friend, is there to help them clean out the filth and roaches.  Ames finds herself attracted to him, especially because he is a little older and seems like he’s saving the family from their own problems.  Ames feels angry and betrayed by her parents, who give her more and more responsibility for the family, while at the same time treating her with minimal affection or positive attention.  She ripe to be manipulated by someone like Marc, who it turns out is really 22 years old and out of school.  She isn’t even that surprised when she finds out he has a gun “collection” with enough arms to equip a small militia.  Ames is hardly taken aback when her boyfriend suggests they kill her family and head to Mexico.

I love the way Giles keeps readers on the edge of their seats.  I found Ames’ transition from spoiled teen to rebellious brat a little abrupt, but not enough to give up on her.  Until the end, I wasn’t really sure how things would turn out, and was surprised at the conclusion.  I recommend this for mystery fans, readers who like Gail Giles books, and anyone looking for an  engrossing story.


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