Beautiful Darkness by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

Beautiful Darkness by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

Authors Garcia and Stohl will not disappoint readers who loved their debut novel Beautiful Creatures.  This second title in the series is jam packed with action, picking up at Mason Melchizedek Ravenwood’s funeral right after the conclusion of the first book.  If you remember, somehow Caster girl Lena has somehow avoided having to choose between Light and Dark, but feels that she’s somehow responsible for her Uncle Mason’s death.  Lena pulls away from Ethan, and quickly runs away with her Dark cousin Ridley and John Steed, who appears to be a Dark caster, but Ethan can’t quite tell what.  John has promised to take Lena to the Great Barrier, where he claims Light and Dark make no difference and Lena can just be herself.  Convinced she’s only headed for trouble, John enters the underground Castor tunnels to find her, along with his best friend Link and the new trainee Keeper (Caster librarian) Liv.  Along the way the Ridley joins the group of misfits, although there’s something terribly different about her that we’ll leave the readers to discover.  The authors keep this story moving along at a brisk pace, focusing more on plot twists than character like the first installment.

I rate this book 5 *’s out of 5, and recommend it to readers of the first title, and all paranormal fans.

Here’s a short book trailer you can see from home:


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