Black Hole Sun by David Macinnis Gill

Black Hole Sun by David Macinnis Gill

This  action-packed science fiction story will be a sure winner for fans of Star Wars and other fast-paced “cowboys in outer space” stories that many of us find so compelling.  Durango is a Regulator, a hired gun (mercenary) who will work for anyone with the coin to pay for him and his crew.  Embedded in his brain is the Artificial Intelligence of his former commander Mimi, who is sarcastic and snarky, adding a humorous touch to the story.  In addition, Mimi gives him advice that only an all-seeing computer intelligence could have, giving Durango and his rag-tag band of fighters at least as even change against the larger foes they will battle soon enough.  Set on Mars that has its own government problems, the book tells the story of Durango and his crew defending a group of miners who are being killed off by the cannibalistic Dreau and their evil and mysterious queen.

To say the story is action-packed is really an understatement.  The plot goes from one gruesome battle to the next hair-raising confrontation, barely giving readers a moment to catch their breath.  But this is a good thing as most readers will testify.  You barely ave time to get past one problem before the next conflict demands your attention.

I enjoyed this title and recommend to fans of adventure or action stories, SciFi fans, and anyone looking for a quick escape from their usual reading or day-to-day lives.


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