Bleeding Violet by Dia Reeves

Bleeding Violet by Dia Reeves

When Hanna hits her aunt in the head with a rolling pin and flees to Potrero, Texas, she has no idea if the mother she has no memory of will welcome her or call the police.  She’s just tired of being the crazy one, the strange one, the girl her aunt Ulla keeps putting in the asylum.  Not that Hanna doesn’t have issues–she is bipolar and is supposed to take medication for it, and also sees hallucinations on occasion, and hears her dead father talking to her all the time.  But despite all this, she doesn’t feel like she’s crazy, just misunderstood.  It turns out that Portrero is certainly not the typical small town she was expecting.  There are various types and paranormal beings that torment the population so much that they all wear black so as not to be “noticed” by the lures and other malevolent creatures.  The high school students even wear ear plugs so the lures can’t call them to the windows and turn the kids into glass statues.

Can you tell that this is not an ordinary story???  The readers definitely needs to let go of what we think of as normal, and just go with the flow of the story.  This being said, I loved this book!  Hanna is such an unusual, smart, sarcastic and funny character that it’s impossible not to adore her.  And when she gets a crush on the handsome charmer named Wyatt, who’s training to be one of the Mortmaine (a group with special powers that protects the people of Portrero from all the things the police can’t) we know that it’s going to get crazy.

I recommend this to fans of paranormal lit., like City of Bones (Casandra Clare), Fallen (Kate Lauren)and The Dark Divine (Bree Despain).


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