Full Dark, No Stars by Stephen King

Full Dark, No Stars by Stephen King

Those of you that know me know that I’ve adored Stephen King’s books forever.  I consider him one of my guilty pleasures, like eating late night snacks in bed.  This newest book did not disappoint me, although I have to admit the four novellas WERE pretty dark.  These stories are actually less horror, than bizarre twists of fate where people end up in completely unbelievable situations.  My favorite was “A Good Marriage,” where a woman discovers that her husband is a serial killer when she finds his box of “souvenirs” in a hidden section of their garage.  Upon his return home from a business trip, her husband of over twenty years realizes that she knows the truth.  He tells her the whole story seeming almost relieved to finally share it with her.  Then he works to convince her that he can stop killing, just like he did for the first sixteen years of their marriage.  Darcy wonders if she really has a choice; if he’ll kill her, too, if she refuses to go along with the ruse.  But, you know Stephen King; nothing is ever simple or even the way it seems at first glance.  I can promise you that this story will shock you more than once.

I highly recommend this book to all horror and Stephen King fans, and anyone who just wants to get lost in a captivating story.


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