Accomplice by Eirann Corrigan

Accomplice by Eirann Corrigan

Determined to make themselves stand out in the hyper-competitive college application process, high school juniors Finn and Chloe concoct a scheme to stage Chloe’s disappearance. She’ll be hiding in Finn’s grandma’s basement for about two weeks, then Finn will stage a rescue and they’ll both be media darlings.  At least this is their plan…  Of course, things rarely go as smoothly as we hope, even though the two best friends think they have planned for any kind of complications.  Finn is the one who has to face CNN, her friends and the community, keeping a straight face all the while acting bereaved about Chloe.  As Finn’s lies become more overwhelming, she finds herself isolated from everyone, even Chloe during her occasional visits to her in the basement.  Then Chloe’s friend Dean is accused of the kidnapping, and only the two girls know the real truth.  Readers will begin asking themselves if even the truth can save the situation Finn finds herself in after Chloe’s “rescue.”

What I enjoyed about this book was that is was told in the first person perspective from Finn’s point of view.  We feel all her tension, guilt and anxiety as the situation gets nearly intolerable for her.  The writer does an amazing job of depicting these two girls, who even though they are best friends, are very different emotionally.  The end has a small twist, which left me haunted for days.

I recommend this book to readers looking for a suspense novel or a realistic teen title.


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