City of Beasts Trilogy by Isabel Allende


City of the Beasts

When his mother falls ill and has to get special treatment in Texas, 15 year old Alex leaves his home in California to stay with his no-nonsense grandmother in New York City. As soon as he arrives he is on another plane with his grandmother, on the way to Brazil, where she has a magazine assignment investigating reports of a creature like the Yeti (abominable snowman).  Their group travels inland with a local guide and his daughter Nadia, with whom Alex becomes friends. Their search involves local natives, army officers and a wealthy businessman, all of whom have motives for either finding or protecting local lands and creatures. Alex and Nadia’s adventures involve physical danger and mystical experiences. This book is the first title in a trilogy by this famous author, and meets the requirements for a World Lit book.

 Kingdom of the golden dragon

Alex Cold and his friend Nadia travel with Alex’s grandmother Kate to the Forbidden Kingdom, a country in Asia near Nepal and Tibet, when she has an assignment for a magazine story. At the same time an international criminal is plotting to steal the Kingdom’s legendary Golden Dragon, a priceless treasure. Alex, Nadia and Kate are drawn into the plot when Kate is kidnapped along with local girls as a diversion from the real objective. From the very beginning, when we meet the Kingdom’s crown prince and his lama mentor, I was hooked into this story by the exciting plot, the characters and the mystery of the criminal’s identity. Like the first book in the author’s trilogy, this meets the requirements for a World Lit book.

 Forest of the pygmies

Alex Cold, his friend Nadia and Alex’s grandmother Kate, a writer for an international magazine, are on an elephant-led safari in Africa when a Catholic missionary asks them to help him find some missing colleagues. After their plane crashes in a remote area, they travel on foot to find the place where the missionaries were last seen. They discover a village where both local Bantus and Pygmies are held as slaves to an all-powerful king, a ruling commandant and a mysterious sorcerer. Faced with the threat of being fed to a pool of crocodiles, Alex and Nadia have to find a way to free the local people and escape. The plot included exciting events and mysterious characters; I really wanted to know what would happen next! Like the first two books in the author’s trilogy, this meets the requirements for a World Lit book.

Reviews by Mrs. Goldstein-Erickson


2 Responses to “City of Beasts Trilogy by Isabel Allende”

  1. rosa rodriguez Says:

    Love it! When is she writing again for young people? Adventures, courage, knowledge, chalenging etc. BRAVO ISABEL!

    • Mrs. Provence Says:

      Rosa, I’m not sure when she’ll write for young adults again. We have most of her titles if you want to come by and browse!

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