Dark Song by Gail Giles

Dark Song by Gail Giles

Fifteen year old Ames is a good girl and diligent student, living in Boulder. Colorado, with her parents and six year old sister. When her father is caught embezzling from clients to make risky investments that failed, the family is left with nothing. Forced to leave her private school when they sell their house, Ames and her family move to Texas where her father’s parents are stingy slumlords. They live in a ramshackle house that was used for crack dealing, cleaning it up in return for living there. The stress and humiliation has turned Ames’ parents short-tempered, and she feels totally abused. When a boy she meets suggests she get revenge on them for ruining her comfortable life, Ames is drawn into his plans. How far will she go? I couldn’t put this book down because I was mesmerized by the way Ames started to change from a good girl to someone who was willing to listen to her negative impulses. If you liked Shattering Glass by the same author, you will love Dark Song!

Review by Mrs. Goldstein-Erickson


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