The Plague by Michael Grant

The Plague by Michael Grant (Gone #4)

This fourth installment of Grant’s Gone series, following the addictive Gone, Hunger and Lies.  Fans of the series will not be disappointed in this new title.   Sam and friends and Caine and his crew are alive and well, and still fighting against each other.  The overarching plot theme in this book is a terrible flu which is killing off the kids on the mainland, one even Lana the healer is unable to cure.  Readers learn right at the beginning the evil power the book calls Darkness is alive and well, and still living deep in the old, abandoned mine.  An this time, Darkness has made its way into Little Pete’s brain.  No good will come of this, as you can imagine.

This book is as gripping and as action-packed as its predecessors.  I wish there had been a little more review of the past books in the beginning, so help readers remember or clue in new readers.  A lot of plot points and important characterization has occurred and new and continuing readers alike would benefit from some type of synopsis in a prologue.  Despite this very minor flaw, I found this book to be great fun and recommend it to all teen readers.


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